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82x41 "Angry Sea" canvas float in reclaimed60x30 aluminum printMETAL PRINTS - 64X42 SUNRISE / 60X40 LIGHTNING72x36 Bigeye Tuna - oil on reclaimed wood - by Gregg Hinlickyaluminum print 48x48"DOLDRUMS" 72x42 Tom Lynch photo on aluminumAluminum Print BACKSPLASH - custom cut to fit around cabinetsAluminum Print BACKSPLASH - custom cut to fit around cabinets60 x 40 oil painting(commission) by Gregg Hinicky of a wave from Jenks/Point Pleasant Beach72X36 ALUMINUM PRINT - FLOAT72x36 framed cavas / NYC Black and White72x36 framed canvas83x30 aluminum print / float  JENKS w/Skimmer birdsYvonne Rondinone paintin in reclaimed woodDoldrums photo series - 72x42 canvas float108 X 48 METAL FLOAT TRIPTYCH (EACH PANEL 36X48)13"X 30 METAL FLOAT TRIPTYCH (EACH PANEL 45X30)CANVAS WRAP TRIPTYCH 108 x 36 (EACH PANEL 36X36)