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Luker Bridge at Huddy Park - Named after Thomas Luker, the namesake Toms RiverPine BarrensHuddy Park, Toms RiverIsland HeightsSailing on Tom RiverIsland Beach State ParkOspreys                        Island Beach State ParkSnowy Owl - IBSPRed FoxOyster catchersELECTRIC BOARDWALK - Seaside Park, NJ - The purple coloring (lower right, is police lights) Jul-2013Island Beach State ParkBarnegat Lighthouse as seen from Island Beach State ParkSeptember's End 2 - Barnegat Lighthouse SunsetSeaside ParkBeach fox - IBSPSURF CHECK.  A red fox at Island Beach State Park, NJSnowy Owl - IBSPPURPLE RAIN (vert crop) - Barnegat Lighthouse -28-May-19 23:01 - photo by Tom LynchBARNEGAT LIGHTHOUSE FROM ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK DEC 2020