ANGRY FISH GALLERY: Blog en-us (C) Tom Lynch / Angry Fish Gallery LLC (ANGRY FISH GALLERY) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:39:00 GMT ANGRY FISH GALLERY: Blog 120 90 BLUEFISH TSUNAMI !!! - by Tom Lynch Tsunami Talkin Poppers are some of the most consistent big bluefish producers on the market.  These topwater plugs can elicit dramatic aerial strikes when they are chugged across the surface.  I love to shoot these yellow-eyed maniacs when they are crushing topwater plugs.  On a personal level, I favor the Electro Schoolbus color for big bluefish.  I always remove the belly hooks and replace the tail hook with a single barbless hook when targeting toothy gamefish for C&R.  The Tsunami Talking Popper comes in four sizes 4 inch (7/8oz), 5 inch(1 3/8oz) ,6 inch  (2 1/4oz)  & 7 inch (3oz) inch models.  



A big bluefish on a white Tsunami Talkin Popper A big bluefish on a white Tsunami Talkin Popper A big bluefish on a white Tsunami Talkin Popper

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Epic Blitz! Striped bass ripping into millions of bunker.  This was a huge springtime blitz, that stretched for miles.  It is probably the biggest bunker blitz I have witnessed. 

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Surf Blitz: Striped Bass & Bluefish - Island Beach State Park, NJ

Striped bass and bluefish blitzing on peanut bunker (juvenile menhaden) at Island Beach State Park, NJ. 

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Landing Big Fish in Big Surf - a video blog by Tom Lynch

Surf fisherman Eric Hoff offers insights into landing big stripers in the surf. 

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Releasing Striped Bass in the Surf

Surf fisherman Eric Hoff shows how to release a big striper into frothy surf conditions.

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Catch & Release of a 39" Striper

Wayne Beach lands and releases a nice 39" fall striper on a T-Hex.  The T-Hex was killing it

in the heavy NE/onshore conditions during the fall run in NJ. 

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Bloody Bluefish Attack

Big bluefish rip into a school of hapless adult bunker (menhaden) at Island Beach State Park.  

These blues were traveling in small packs, moving in and out of the sandbar cut, attacking isolated bunker

pods that had panicked, and broken away from the main pod.  Sucks to be a bunker.

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Topwater Gorilla Bluefish

One of my favorite days of fishing, EVER.  Bob McGinley (RIP), Eric Hoff, Brick Bill and I had a blast with gorilla

bluefish on the flats.  The gators were 10+++ pounds.  After catching a few, I pulled out the camera and shot away.  

 These fish were absolutely voracious, attacking surface plugs with incredible aggressiveness.  

Lex Lures, Muccies, Big Ed's and Roberts Rangers did most of the damage that day.  I hope to see another

day as good as this one.   It ranks as the best day of topwater blue fishing I've ever seen. 

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Sunset Striper

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Stripers Rampaging

This striper blitz went on for a couple hours.  The stripers made two big pushes inside, where they pushed bunker on the

beach or against the jettys.  Big striped bass were caught, some over 40lbs. 

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