ANGRY FISH GALLERY is a coastal themed art gallery, located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  The gallery features paintings, photographs, sculptures and woodcarvings by a group of uniquely talented artists.  

The gallery is owned by outdoor coastal photographer, Tom Lynch, so everything in the gallery is infuenced by salt water.  The art is decidely coastal-zone centric, featuring subjects such as coastal storms, sport fishing, local wildlife, beachscapes and seascapes.   Most of the displays are constructed of scavanged driftwood... Angry Fish Gallery is the place to get really cool coastal art in Point Pleasant Beach.

The Angry Fish Gallery offers custom picture framing and printing of images on canvas.  We can help you navigate the scary world of framing… for much less than the big “craft” stores.  

Angry Fish Gallery Angry Fish Gallery - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. The Angry Fish Gallery is located at 624 Bay Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08752, and is open year round.  The gallery website is